Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fabulous Prizes, Painting, Stash Buster and the Garden

Here are the pics of the prizes that were here when I came home!
This came from Janet at I Heart My Glue Gun, it is hanging above our vanity as a great reminder for each day.

This bag was from Alaundra at create., I took it to the Styx concert and it held our blanket, water, wallets, purse stuff, cellphones and concert crap without straining it's seams!

These magnets and pins are from Jamie at Day & Age Design. They have helped me start organizing the fridge door!

I painted the chairs, but we are still deciding which of the two colors to paint the table. In the meantime, I found a tablecloth and a couple matching bucket candles at the dollar store. 

I cut some fish and bubbles out of this flannel and then let DD play with sewing them on a pillow front. She had fun and it got her a little more familiar with the machine. She prefers hand sewing. I finished it up and she is using it as a book rest as I type...LOL!

This groundhog, affectionately named "Paulie", is trying to put on his winter weight in the garden. 
Coming out of his grocery store...
Bok choy before...
Bok choy after...

Happily I had cut about half the bok choy the day before, so we did get to enjoy some of it...LOL!

How was everyone else's week?


The Sunflower Patch said...

Lots of wonderful goodies up there :)
We have had a problem with keeping the deer out of the garden this year! First time ever for that :(
Glad to hear that you were able to enjoy some of your bok choy!

Jamie @ Day and Age Design said...

Thanks for writing a little note about the magnets...I hope you are enjoying them! :) That groundhog is sooo cute! With veggies as beautiful as yours, I bet he will chunk up in no time!


Connie said...

Great stuff, love the fish pillow, it is so cute!