Saturday, March 31, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner!

I looked out my kitchen window and what did I see?


 Inspecting the garden plot...

 Likes the extension...

 Heading back to his hole for a nap while I get ready to plant spinach for his dining pleasure!

He's going to eat well this year...Grrr!
 I think I will have to trellis the sweet potatoes and maybe fence off some of my broccoli, so we can enjoy it,too.


Jen @ Creating with the J's said...

Paulie's cousins did a number on Jim's Mom's garden last year and they even found a way to build their hole inside the garden. She wasn't thrilled at all. When she should have been getting a 2nd harvest she was just getting a first. Yes, be sure to set it up so you can have some veggies too!

momto8 said...

he has all day and night to plot....I know we have BABIES!! I bought moth balls at the dollar store...that kept them out of my garden for a whole month!