Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This Year's Garden

I put almost everything in as seed this year (got busy and forgot to start them early in the trays). It has been warm enough that almost all of it has germinated within 7 days! Yippee!

Here is my list and then some pics from this morning.
Bush beans (Big Kahuna, Gold Mine, Eureka), Golden Egg squash, spinach, potatoes, zucchini, blueberries, broccoli, brussel sprouts, watermelon, cucumbers, orange bell peppers, seedless tomatoes, Big Daddy tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and Three Sisters Planting with pole beans (Purple King, Kentucky Blue), Silver Queen corn and pumpkins.

Bush beans


 Three Sisters planting, corn and a bean sprouting



I planted sweet potatoes and some bok choi seeds in line with the shed, hoping the groundhog will fill himself with them and leave the rest of the garden alone.

The sweet potatoes
 about 20 feet from the groundhog home.

I am looking forward to a yummy harvest this year.


Linda said...

What a wonderful garden! You will be eating well this year!

Kelly @ Blue Bird Sews said...

Did your garden get bigger this year? lucky you to sow seed direct! I am battling wet weather right now and hope my little guys come through alright...and that we get some sun! I love the 3 sisters planting I plan on doing that too this year with pole beans, Indian corn and winter squash! looking forward to seeing it grow!

The Sunflower Patch said...

Looking good! After trying my hand at tomato jam last year,we planted 8 different Heirloom tomatoes!! Cinnamon Basil,lemon basil,chocolate mint,Mexican Tarragon,you get the picture :) Thanks for sharing!

Brenda said...

Hi, I just awarded you the LIEBSTER AWARD for new-is bloggers. Check out my blog and please accept!!