Monday, October 1, 2012

The End of Summer

It feels good to be back in our Autumn routine, after a crazy ending to Summer. Our household had some job changes and now our day starts at 3:30am, sharp! I am putting up some pictures of what I have done so far with the garden harvest. Have A Great Day!

 Chopped Salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and multi colored peppers.

 45 quarts of green beans, by time I finished.

 Beets from the farmer's market.

20 pints of tomato juice and still counting...

I am looking forward to cleaning up the garden this week and getting ready for the broccoli and brussels sprouts to come in soon.
Happy October!

1 comment:

Abbi said...

What a great amount of stuff you have put up. Isn't it fun to see all of that accumulate on the shelves!