Saturday, July 4, 2015

Charity Harvest

I gave one cabbage and a few zucchini to a friend and gave the rest along with a huge bag of zucchini to a christian food pantry around the corner.

The rain we have had almost everyday has been good for some of the garden, but the chinese cabbage was sitting in standing water for 3 days and got root rot.  I pulled them out and left their space open for the cantaloupes to get more sunshine.  

I have two gallon size bags of broccoli in the freezer and and I am still cutting bunches once a week.  

I spied a pumpkin about 2 inches in diameter hiding under a zucchini leaf! The beans are climbing their poles and seem to be doing well. All in all it is doing very well this year and the smaller plot is more manageable for me. 

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