Friday, April 15, 2011

Insane Friday

God is showing me His sense of humor, today.  I had a plan.  I should know better.  DH is teaching a class in the morning and I am getting all his posters, easels, books, handouts, tables, chairs and supplies packed.  We will be loading the truck when he gets home this afternoon.  He has an 1 1/2 hour drive, then half an hour to set up and the class starts at 9am sharp.  There will be no sleeping in this weekend. My daughter received a phone call last night and suddenly has a job interview at 2:00pm this afternoon.  Of course, the pants she is going to wear need to be hemmed.  She can't wear the one's I already did 6 months ago, holiday feasting casualty.  My feasting resulted in a grumpy shopping trip for a new pair of jeans, but that is a whole other post...LOL!
This is what I wanted to do today...

It is going to be an over-the-door organizer for my daughter.

Her new color combo is purple, green and black.  I think she has watched "The Dark Knight" one to many times...LOL.  She painted her room a purplish-blue and has been trying out different color combos for accessories as the mood hits her.  So, now it is green I will be covering her lampshade in and green I will be making shams in and green with which I will be recovering her pillows.  I believe this will be the year I make her sit down and learn how to use the machine.  She loves to hand sew, but has always been intimidated by the machine.  I think it is a backfired result of telling her it would "bite her fingers" when she was little.

So, now I am off to stand her on the chair and get going on those pants.  I wish a fun and fabulous weekend for everyone! 

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Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I've been walking a lot to make my pants fit. I'm still waiting.