Monday, April 4, 2011

Unpredictable Spring

This is what has made the long wait for winter to end worth it.  
They opened this morning!

Yesterday we got two of the limb piles burned and all the trash pick up in the back.  After roasting a package of hot dogs over the fire pit and some laughter over my over zealous plans for the garden, we came to a compromise on the planting ideas.  We are not going to grow corn as the local raccoons (forgot about them) will feast on it.  No carrots, either, because the soil isn't sandy enough.  I suppose no cantaloupe for the lack of room and no cucumbers because I am the only one on the block that likes them.

Today has been nothing but rain, then wind, then more rain, then very gusty wind, then torrential downpours, then a sliver of sunlight, then rain again.  I have watched more trash blow into the yard as I listen to the quiet groaning of the child that had it all clean.  I smile as I say sweetly, "This is how we learn to be humble to God's sense of humor!", and get a raised eyebrow for my effort.  Sarcasm runs deep in this family. 

I think my next little project will be to make a rain fountain...
I am sure I will be able to find lots of interesting containers and chains and who knows what else in the garage and shed.  I think I can put it together by this weekend, when our next heavy spring rain should be showing up.  I will post a picture as  soon as I create and install it.

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