Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Alive!!!

The tiller is running!  DH worked on it for another couple hours yesterday afternoon and surprise! 

This is the outline of the garden!  I am soooo happy!  It is a muddy mess and he was a muddy mess by time he got this much done, but it is a start!  It is once again raining and supposed to continue raining until Tuesday.    So, we wait.  DH says if I need it bigger he will till in a patchwork pattern all the way to the fence for me...LOL...such a "HAM"! 
Happy Easter!  Wishing everyone a safe and loving weekend!  


Mariliz said...

I need to get my garden started soon too. It's on my to do list with about 25 other things.

The Sunflower Patch said...

Still to early for us to start the garden here :( but soon!

Jen said...

How exciting! What are you going to plant? We have very little room so I've had to be satisfied with an herb garden. I do love my fresh herbs! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Both my daughters are doing gardens in a big way this year! I live in Ohio and the rain has been terrible this year! My son also defends our country through the Army!