Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Outdoor Update

Well, the rain fountain idea has been ixnayed...LOL!  DH gave me the hard Marine stare when I asked him where the drill bits were in the toolbox.  He informed me that there is no way I am going to drill holes in the gutter then hang something heavy from it.  I started to open my mouth and got the eyebrow.  So, that is the end of that.  On to the next project, the garden.  We got a tiller from a friend, that forgot to tell us it had not be used in 10 years.  Thanks to DH and a couple of teenage boys from across the street it went from the truck to the garage.  After 2 runs to the auto parts store and an hour of growling it finally had the tires seated and filled with air, had started and ran for about 30 seconds.  As DH looked at the tiller and heaved a heavy sigh, I reminded him of the pork roast in the oven. That seemed to break the mood, before I had to pass out earplugs to the neighbors to shield them from Marine Mouth.  We just pushed it into the garage and he informed me, "We will leave that ...#$%&%%#@ thing...alone for a couple days.  I will have it running by the weekend."  I just smiled and put the tools away, while he and DD (who just had to help and get greasy) cleaned up.  Sometimes it is just better to say nothing and feed the bear.

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